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Z-Questions & Answers

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Latest Question At The Top of The List

Q | I go cray-cray when people don't listen to me. Is this normal?

A | Yes. That is if "normal" is defined by human selfishness. We all want to be heard but, demanding to be heard is simply selfishness. GenZ is accustomed to being heard, having their voice heard. This could make one selfish, but honestly, I want to hear what Generation Z has to say - as long as that door swings both ways. 

Q | I read we embrace change. I hate change.

A | I am assuming your question is, "Is this a false claim?" It is not a false claim. Overall, your generation feels trapped in life if they cannot move freely by changing all that is around them. Your generation is all about making a change - religion, faith, politics, economy, and gender-related issues. 

Q | Seriously, do you think we are uninformed?

A | Absolutely, not! I am well aware you usually "know the score." with all of us, you don't know all the answers. Plus the average GenZ'er IS uninformed. 

Q | Why is our generation so skeptical?

A | Because of the failures you have observed from Generation X & Y (Millennials). We set you up to be skeptical. The question is, "What are you going to do about it?"  

Q | What do you consider our generation's biggest focus?

A | Money. Your parents and grandparents focused on the work environment. You don't. You could do what you do out of a closet - just as long as you make money. You witnessed the struggles of the generations before you and have determined NOT to make the same mistakes. This is why I admire you.   

Q | I get depressed when I am off my phone. Any suggestions?

A | Yes. Stay off your phone, at least for 4- hours a day. Not counting sleep/naps. During those 4-hours, go help someone who could use your help. Do something that benefits someone else.    

Q | I get nervous with face-to-face conversations. Why is that?

A | That is a loaded question. Nervousness is a result of fear. The big question is, "What do you fear?" I will tell you that the less face-to-face time you get with people, the worst the problem! As with any fear, face it head-on. I will tell you what worked for me. After receiving Christ, my nervousness dissipated.

Q | Is there some reason I prefer to work alone?

A | Yes. It comes with your culture. Because of all the "white noise" & lack of privacy in the digital age, your generation is more apt to work at home or tune others out with headphones. Since the digital age is shortening the attention span of all, people are becoming seclusive & in their seclusion, they are finding it easier to accomplish tasks - at a faster pace. Is it wrong? No. Will it help you as a person? No.      

Q | Don't laugh but what is diversity?

A | I won't. Diversity is one of those words the most educated is confused. Simply put. Diversity is an acceptance of color, nationality, religion or sexual orientation. To you GenZ'ers, you call it your "norm." Your generation focuses on the competence of the person, not their diverse differences. When Biblical morality is missing from diversity, a culture will separate faith from facts, thus, separating God from people. The iGen-Z outreach wants to keep this issue front and center.