I am a "Baby Boomer." My children are Generation X-ers & Millennials, Gen-Y, which makes my grandchildren Generation Z. I have been a cultural historian for 40+ years. I am also a homespun theologian - specializing in the believer's identity in Christ & Biblical eschatology. So...first and foremost, I am a concerned grandfather. Secondly, I care about culture & global unity. -Dr. Stephen Phinney

Generation Z  Have Gone   -"Cray, Cray" 

Throughout my research, I realized that my grandchildren were born into the "digital age." Being a resident "expert" in this modality, I quickly realized what my grandchildren were required to face in their generation - being spoiled, forsaking the faith, celebrity cultism, and many other cultural ideations. I decided to adhere to a calling of reaching this generation for/in Christ. Realizing this calling would cause me to face the ultimate Gen-Z challenge - they dispised traditional & organized beliefs in Christ. In fact, most, refute standardized Christianity. So...what was this grandpa to do? What else could I do, I stepped into the digital age and got myself "edumacated." 


The first thing I did was learned their language - GenZ Speak. I went on to learn the top six modalities of their function.

  • Globally Aware

  • Digital Natives

  • Need for Speed

  • Entertainment 

  • Collaborative

  • Micro Miners  

After I mastered the "Big Six," I began to revise our dynamic videos, articles, podcasts, books, and other media resources that fit into the six methodologies of Generation Z.

Today, iGen-Z is the platform of supporting, educating and caring for Generation Z. Our commitment is in presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the believer's identity in Him, and the organic model Jesus and His disciples presented in the Word of God by making use of the Gen-Z "Big Six." So there you have it.

iGen-Z - Tomorrow's Church