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Generation X was the last generation to live and work by the traditional standards of faith and work ethics. This generation is called "Baby Boomers," resulting from the high birth rate after WWII.

The Millennial Generation, "Y," reacted to the "rules" of their parents and formed a culture that demanded freedom & flexibility. They have been accredited to living off of the digital assessability provided for them by the technological "giants" of Generation X. Statistically, this gave them an opportunity to "sit-back" and enjoy the benefits of being entrepreneurs of the now, Digital Age. The Millennials were the first generation to "dump" faith & facts, which formed the pluralistic society now globally prominent. This generation is credited for separating faith from traditions.


Generation Z is the children of the Millennials. They are known for being "spoiled," or materially endowed. Statistically, this is due to their Millennial parents rejecting the traditional practices of providing guidelines and structure demonstrated by their Generation X parents. Since their Millennial parents were "liberal" in structure, Generation Z is the first generation to be "raised" by the internet. Meaning, Z'ers went to the internet for education, parenting advice, sexual education, gaming, and image indulging. This all resulted in the Z'ers' "Big Six" modalities of internet living.


All of these statistics have led to a generation that has popularized suicide - a modality that iGenZ hopes to impact & bring reformation in Christ!


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