Gen-Z's Worldview

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According to Barna, Generation Z has five leading categorical markers encompassing their worldview - technology, inclusive worldview, identity, security, and diversity. 

First and foremost, GenZ'ers are screenagers. Meaning, their worldview is formed through "what's on the screen." Secondly, their corporate worldview is "Post-Christian." Post-Christian is most identified with the present Post-Truth era. This era propagates that Truth is relative (self-interpreted). Furthermore, it is believed that the age of Christiandom no longer exists. This all results in a view of no moral code, inclusive pluralistic faith, and a self-chosen individualistic view of spirituality. Generation Z has popularized a "feeling-based" religion - sensitivity and incorporation of the feelings of others and their beliefs. This is the modality where pluralism is birthed.


Generation Z considers their "safe space" to be strategically important for their worldview. If outsiders tread upon their "safe" place, they are quick to accuse others of "judging." Worldview for most GenZ'ers is founded in their individualized views of the world through self-calculated assumptions.


Since this generation has little recall of history, particularly Biblical history, their ability to analyze the world's problems is short of the three primary worldviews - secular, Christ-followers, and authentic Christ-as-Life believers in Jesus Christ.  

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