Gen-Z And Their Sexuality

Our Fast Fact Analysis

Our above statistics was from research conducted in 2015. Today, the numbers are much different. While toward the end of 2018 the statistics peeked out in support of gender-neutrality, in 2019 GenZ began to reconsider their generation's view.

Believe it or not. There is a movement within this generation to support gender associated with birth. Although these new statistics include the view of humans being born with genetics sustaining gender transitioning, we are hopeful that part of this movement is reconsidering gender-neutrality.


While it is true that this generation is proving to be the most tolerant and most fluid, as same-sex associations and numerous sexual identities, 67% of GenZ today identify as exclusively heterosexual. This is a good number considering the implosion of same-sex ideations. Even though our institute loves these numbers, it is true that Generation Z holds the record of any generation supporting same-sex identification. That means, 67% of this generation can be saved from this demise.


Statistics show that gender association is directly connected to Generation Z's view of God. Several of the movements in culture today, God is a she, Jesus is homosexual, and Jesus is nor male or female, all are derivitives of this problematic view. Most worldviews are birthed through sex-identified views. Religions have associated gender with their gods for centuries. While our statistics reveal that this generation is the most confused sexually identified culture, their "bottom line" mode of thinking can be used to recycle their belief system to sustain a Biblical worldview.


Sexual identity is at the root of all sexual addictions. GenZ is cloaked with these addictions. Generation Z is clearly addicted to internet imagery. This promotes a serious problem with the sex in general and the power of the visuals readily available for each.



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