Gen-Z And Morality

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Even though our above statistics has aged a bit, more up to date research reveals that Generation Z is quick to adjust their morality based on peer influence and internet trending. 

The most disturbing factor in GenZ's modality of changing what is "right and wrong" according to societal trending is - they perceive they can move the corner-post of morality. While this is not a new ideation, it rubs against the One who set the ancient boundary of morality - God. It was in this statistical reveal that prompted many researchers to ask "why" they believed such a corner-post could be moved. The results were shocking to most.


Yes, the answer was shocking to most researchers. It shouldn't have been but it was. Their answer came through their perception of the church. Secondly, they revealed evidence that their view of God came directly from their peers, which self-perpetuates their conclusion. This data resulted in the findings that Generation Z separates morality from God while pinning it to the people of God.


While iGenZ does not support their conclusion, we completely understand their thinking. Further statistics show us that the whole of the church has made lukewarm the authentic doctrines of the Word of God. Generation Z has watched the church liquify into the Post-Truth culture - making most churches impotent. Since GenZ defines their identity through peer influence, they have detached from the church due to abuses found in the church. The record number of sexual abuse, abuse of power, suicide, inner fighting, and yes, sometimes murder, within the church is off the charts. In fact, society has never seen such animosity in the church as they do today. It is no wonder why this generation is distancing themselves from the sources that are SUPPOSE to heal them. 


When people cannot find security & stability in a church or religious institution, they morph into tolerance. Sad to say, Generation Z has become the most religiously tolerant group to date.      

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Gen-Z Pushing For Tolerance