Gen-Z And Facebook

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If you notice on our statistics graph, Generation Z is distancing itself from Facebook. Good reason. The leading reason is, their parents used this social outlet to communicate. The second and more important reason is, GenZ is catching on to the privacy violations this social media giant propagates. 

This is no news to the news-driven digital-age but, the internet is awash with horrendous media of children being sexually abused, images created and distributed for others who suffer from twisted pleasure. In fact, 65% of these horrifying reports a full 12 million of 18.4 million came from a single service: Facebook Messenger, the social media giant's online chat app.  

Facebook is leading the charge to mask the images and messages relayed through its service to "encrypt" all the data under the banner of "privacy," which blocks law enforcement from viewing SUCH data. Meaning, the social posters of this twisted image posting are protected under their policies. While this policy appears to protect "freedom of speech," it will actually create a darker and horrendous dark hole - a private place where child sexual abusers can flourish, torturing and abusing children. The target audience just happens to be Generation Z.   

One of the leading trends within the GenZ world is image posting, particularly videos. The twisted irony is, their compulsivity of posting selfies of their sexuality and their not so private acts of sexual encounters. One of the best platforms for this is Snapchat. The issue is not only in confronting Facebook in light of their privacy violations but, it is in the growing concern over the freedom of speech (images) within the internet. This is a global war that is worth fighting.


Most know that GenZ lives and functions within the Big Tech world. Most GenZ'ers don't realize the Creator's design is demonstrated by way of sound and imagery.  

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Gen-Z AND Big Tech