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Gone are the days of lecture and note-taking. GenZ students are comfortable responding to their environment, socialization is critical to their development but only if each is presented in a digital format. Meaning, the world's educational institutions are forced to go digital in order to keep their attention. These adjustments made gathering at the local coffee shop the easiest way to complete projects. Homework time has been redefined and reconfigured through social media collaboration and technological stimulation. Welcome to the digital-age of GenZ students.

In 1950, the average attention span per audio presentation (teacher/preacher) was 50+ minutes. During the peek of the Millennial generation, there was a significant drop -  to that of 15 minutes. After Generation Z grew up enough to gather statistics, we were faced with the educator's worst nightmare. An advanced GenZ'er could maintain their attention for 5 minutes on an average. But...regarding the average GenZ'er today the number is 30 seconds. Yes, you read that right. In fact, online marketers base their ads on 30 sec. clips. Telling us that if you don't get the "click" within 30 seconds, their gone. This woke the world.

It is a myth that GenZ'ers learn differently. People have not changed their modality of learning since the days of creation. What is the difference? Generation Z processes information quicker. Giving the appearance that they learn differently. The brain is designed to process information as quickly as you give it. All humans are built this way. While it is true that the brain will confuse the emotions if too much data is entered too fast, it doesn't change the learning modality. Here are the simple facts. Each time the brain receives new data, we are wired to process that data emotionally. If too much input is given without proper time to process, the emotions project a state of retardation - depression. This is why the leading concern with GenZ is depression and/or suicide.


As a result of our data, the educational system placed the emphasis on Generation Z's self-esteem. In the meantime, authentic education took a back-seat. Plus, this shift established one of the more selfish generations to date.   

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