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Dr. Stephen Phinney

Tel: 602-292-2982

Tel: 602-292-2982

Tel: 001-231-770-109-268

Quality Produces Quantity

Dr. Stephen R. Phinney:


My primary objective is to equip individuals through the believer's identity in Christ - all based on the message of identification with Christ in His death, burial, resurrection, and ascension. My passion is to deliver this message to a worldwide audience by making use of the internet, live presentations, writing, podcasting & through the effective use of media.


Pastor Steve is passionate and dedicated in unfolding the Biblical truths surrounding the believer's identity in Christ. Every sermon and event hosted by XL is embedded in these Truths.  He and his wife (Jane) are dedicated to the institution of marriage, multi-generational family development, and local multi-generational family church development. 

Shannon Bartlett:

Shannon is an IOM Executive Officer, Elder for the international church plants of Heartland Family Fellowships ( now XL-Churches) & Executor to the estates of IOM America and Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Phinney.  Shannon,  his wife & nine children reside in Sterling, Kansas.  He is one of Dr. Phinney's trusted and faithful spiritual sons.  He is a dedicated and faithful servant of the Lord who has a clear understanding of the mission and purpose of the Exchanging Life of Christ.  


Lester Wehyee:


Lester is a sharp business man, pastor, ministry leader and manager of the entire outreach to Africa for IOM and the International Fellowship of Exchanged Life.  His skills are treasured by the leadership team of IOM America.   He is leader of the IOM New Hope Academy and Orphanage & the Coordinator for XL-Churches in Liberia.


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